About Us

Thank you for visiting our website! We would like to start off by introducing ourselves. My name is Jenna and my wonderful husband of 16 years is Kurt. Kurt and I met in the workplace almost 25 years ago. We became instant friends, and soon we began working closely together as paramedics for a fire rescue department in Florida. We became best friends, and soon after fell in love. We live in Blowing Rock, North Carolina and have a shared love for animals and nature. We moved from Florida to North Carolina in July 2016. It had been a life changing decision that we looked forward to for a long time. We love North Carolina and the change of seasons, the fresh air, and the simple way of living that seems to come with residing in the mountains. We have three children that we wanted to give a slower paced lifestyle to and the small town of Blowing Rock seemed like just what we were looking for. My husband retired from a 31-year career in the fire rescue department. Although our business did not begin until June 2017, we have been making candles for over five years. We attended a few craft/art markets back in Florida and always had a great time meeting new people and selling our homemade candles, but time would not allow this to become a full time business. I gave away more product than I sold and had a great time doing so! However, I was barely making enough money to pay for the supplies to make the candles, so I put candle making to the side for a while. After making the move to North Carolina, my newly-retired husband was beginning to get a bit restless, so we decided to get the candle making up and running. Our small business has been doing well and we currently wholesale our candles to several businesses here in the High Country, along with attending several local markets. Click here to see where we are! We are asked almost daily about a website, so we finally decided to get one started hoping to make it easier for our customers to find our candles and purchase them online.

About the Business:

Our small business began, as most do, from a hobby. I have always enjoyed crafts and sought out a way to incorporate a hobby into a craft that could bring revenue into our home. Candles seemed like a perfect fit! I have always loved to burn candles and when I began doing research on how to make them, I was amazed on the information I found that supported soy candles over paraffin. I had no idea that a simple thing such as a candle could be so potentially dangerous to the air we breathe. I began creating our soy candles with the most natural and highest quality ingredients. It was important to us to find a natural soy-based wax that came from soy beans grown here in the United States, as well as a wax that would produce a high quality, great smelling candle. We use 100% cotton wicks, along with phthalate-free scents. Phthalates often contain hormone disrupting chemicals, as well as other toxic synthetic compounds. It is said that scents containing these compounds are safe in candles, but we made a personal choice to use only scents that do not contain such chemicals. We do not add artificial dyes to our candles either. 

We also believe there is something about handcrafted items! We enjoy purchasing handmade soaps and other handmade items. We believe that sometimes things shouldn’t be rushed and taking the time to make a homemade apple pie or a loaf of fresh bread seems to reconnect us to a simpler, better way of life. Pouring our own candles gives us that same great feeling. Knowing that we produce a great smelling candle that our customers enjoy and feel good about burning in their home gives us great satisfaction.

Why the name Blowing Rock Creations?

We wanted our name to let our customers know where we are from. We love the town of Blowing Rock! We did not put "candle" in our name because we hope to expand our business, whether it be handmade quilts or something else, we thought leaving room to grow without having to change our name would be a good idea.