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Wholesale Pricing

Interested in selling our candles in your local store? 

We sell locally by the case (12 candles per case)  & offer Free Local Delivery


8oz Candles:

Mason jars with brown tin lids or vintage tin daisy cut out lids

(when available).

 $8.75 each  ($105/case)

Suggested Retail Price of $15 each


12 oz Candles:

Status jars with 2 wicks and copper flat lids. 

$12.75 ea ($153/case)

Suggested Retail Price of $20.00 each


Fraser Fir (#1 best seller and available all year round.) 




Sweet Tobacco Leaf




Rosemary Lemon


Sea Salt & Orchid

Eucalyptus Spearmint


Blackberry Sage




High Country Hippie (Nag Champa)


Harvest Apple


Toasted Pumpkin Spice


*Please check back as scents may vary with the seasons*

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